Zoom Vs. GoToMeeting

Zoom, a video conferencing platform, and GoToMeeting, an online meeting software company, are two of the most popular choices for businesses to use when hosting meetings. But, while both companies have their strengths and weaknesses, how do they compare?

The GoToMeeting vs. zoom comparison chart is a chart that shows the features and pricing of both services.

A dependable video conferencing technology is essential for a successful meeting. Both Zoom and GoToMeeting are at the top of the most suitable video conferencing services list. But which is the superior option? With so many workers working from home, both utilize communication technology that enables teams to access various features and conduct meetings as near to in-person as possible. They include video conferencing, screen sharing, recording, transcription, and more sophisticated settings to make holding meetings simple for your whole team.

Whether you work in education, healthcare, sales, or any profession where you need to interact with people, the cloud-based program allows you to connect with any team. Choosing the correct one means providing your business with the resources it needs to boost productivity and cooperation.

Can’t make up your mind between Zoom and GoToMeeting? Let’s have a look at how they compare to one another.

Pros and Cons of Zoom


  • There are many sophisticated settings available.
  • Meetings may be held in the Breakout Rooms.
  • It is simple to use.


  • Some add-ons are pricey.
  • There are many additional expenses.
  • Advanced audio and video sharing
  • You may use any device to join meetings.
  • Meeting security is password-protected.
  • There are five different price options available.

Pros and Cons of GoToMeeting


  • Calling adaptable options
  • Storage and recording are both unlimited.


  • Some of the features are very simple.
  • Unfortunately, there is no free version available.
  • Storage and sharing of meetings are both unlimited.
  • Included is automatic participant calling.
  • VoIP audio built-in
  • There are three price options available.

It costs $12 per month to get started.

Excellent video quality and connection are required for an effective meeting. After all, you don’t want your platform to disconnect you every time you have more than a few meeting attendees.

Zoom and GoToMeeting provide high-quality HD video and have several video conferencing capabilities in common. You may utilize several feeds and switch between various perspectives, such as full-screen and gallery.

Both Zoom and GoToMeeting have enough cameras to suit most companies, with Zoom having up to 49 and GoToMeeting having up to 25. However, when it comes to appearing on camera, Zoom goes above and above by including an option called “Touch up my looks.”

Although GoToMeeting lacks a filter, it does allow you to tweak sophisticated parameters like brightness, contrast, and saturation. Playing with those parameters may provide comparable benefits, but it requires manual adjustments. Zoom’s filter takes care of it for you.

If you haven’t had time to clean up your workplace recently, both Zoom and GoToMeeting have backdrops available. You may also join your conference using Zoom from any device, including iPhone and Android.

Zoom offers more sophisticated video features in general. GoToMeeting provides enough features to get you by, but Zoom offers greater freedom while you’re on the phone.

Zoom while sharing a screen.


Both Zoom and GoToMeeting offer a user-friendly screen sharing feature that displays which applications and windows are open on your device, allowing you to select what you want to share. You may even configure it so that only specific individuals can access the mouse.

Both systems offer a window that displays all of your sharing choices, but GoToMeeting allows you to see them in a more compact list. In addition, others outside the meeting host may share their screen using Zoom and GoToMeeting. You can even transfer from your phone!

Zoom’s screen-sharing features are more sophisticated than GoToMeeting’s. For example, instead of using GoTo’s visual sharing function, you may use audio sharing to play a video that everyone can hear. You may also share just a portion of your screen using Zoom.

You may share several monitors using Zoom’s simultaneous sharing options. If many individuals participate in a conversation, they may all display their screens to the other participants. On iOS and Android, you may also share documents.

GoToMeeting provides the essentials of screen sharing, but Zoom stands out for its more comprehensive capabilities, like audio. These capabilities provide you with additional options regarding presenting information and resources in meetings.

GoToMeeting storage and recording


When you’re at a meeting, you may want to go back to anything someone said without having to write it all down. Zoom and GoToMeeting both offer to record and transcribe capabilities that You may save in various formats, including.mp4,.m4a, and.txt.

You can record and save locally on your smartphone using Zoom’s free version, but you’ll need to subscribe to the premium version to obtain 1GB of storage with Zoom. Some ideas also include automated transcription of cloud recordings. You’ll have to spend $40 or more per month on Zoom if you require more than 1GB of storage.

GoToMeeting offers an edge in this regard. It provides limitless storage from the Pro plan onwards, while Zoom only offers unlimited storage with the Enterprise bundle.

When you have a more significant number of recorded meetings on hand, GoToMeeting makes it simpler to distribute them. It features automated transcribing, same as Zoom.

GoToMeeting wins when it comes to storage, recording, and transcription. If you have a lot of meetings to record, GoToMeeting offers you the capacity to do so at a low cost. Apart from storage, Zoom and GoToMeeting have almost identical recording and transcribing capabilities.

GoToMeeting’s Calling and Audio Options

You should be able to make calls using your video conferencing platform. But, at the same time, you don’t want to spend more on high-quality music or use bulky equipment.

You do not need to utilize a phone or call a conference using Zoom or GoToMeeting. With both platforms, all you have to do is switch on your computer’s microphone and speakers, and you’ll have excellent audio quality.

You can rapidly test your computer’s audio using Zoom to ensure that you and others hear each other. In addition, both Zoom and GoToMeeting offer a Call Me function that uses conventional phone calls to notify conference attendees when it’s time to meet. Hence, no one has to worry about forgetting the time. On the other hand, zoom’s Call Me function is a $100 add-on, while GoToMeeting includes it with every subscription.

Overall, GoToMeeting offers superior conferencing capabilities. It becomes more flexible when you wish to attend the meeting by phone. It includes built-in audio that uses VoIP and Toll, and it allows you to use more sophisticated services like Call Me without having to budget for them individually.

Zoom Administrative Controls

As the host, you want to have complete control over the meeting. All factors to consider are who allows in, controls certain features, and has the floor throughout the conference.

When it comes to controls, the host has a lot of choices with Zoom and GoToMeeting. For example, you can mute or unmute meeting participants as the host, and you can choose whether or not meeting attendees may mute or unmute themselves. You may also change the screen sharing settings and the visibility of the camera.

You may change the chatting settings to talk with everyone or only the host during meetings. In addition, both systems include a feature called the Waiting Room (Zoom) or Meeting Lock that makes participants wait to be signed in (GoTo). These features improve meeting security by preventing uninvited guests from entering.

Another security feature that Zoom has that GoToMeeting does not is password protection. You may offer everyone a password to join the meeting early if you set it up such that they can join before the host arrives.

Although GoToMeeting and Zoom share many features, such as the ability to remove and hold participants, GoToMeeting lacks some of Zoom’s more advanced features. Instead, they are administrative control over recording, chat, notifications, and encryption, making Zoom the better choice if you want to run a meeting your way.

The tie is simple to use.

Everyone should utilize a video conferencing platform without difficulty when they select one. A higher learning curve may cause meetings to be delayed and time spent planning, collaborating, and improving productivity wasted. On the other hand, you may effortlessly get into your session without having to wait.

GoToMeeting and Zoom offer simple user interfaces that nearly anybody can understand. Zoom is a little more simplified, with all meeting choices organized on a single page with an excellent design. There is no overcrowding, and you may choose amongst them by hovering over or clicking on each one. You may even opt to hide the control panel entirely.

The controls for GoToMeeting are always on a full-page panel in a different window from the conference screen. You can shrink them, but You can’t hide them. They also have a more cluttered layout than Zoom, making it less intuitive.

GoToMeeting features many dropdown menus, and you can browse to more choices by right-clicking. On the other hand, Zoom uses arrows to point to various features and settings on the page to show where you may discover your options.

The interface of GoToMeeting is pretty simple, but if you want something that takes the least amount of thinking to navigate, Zoom is the way to go.

Tie in price

Think about how well the features stand up to the price instead of opting for the lowest option when it comes to pricing. A less expensive bundle may lack some of the features you need, costing you more in the long term.

Zoom, unlike GoToMeeting, offers a free plan. On the other hand, GoToMeeting provides more inexpensive subscription plans than Zoom and offers many of the same features. In addition, each solution has its own set of benefits, ranging from GoToMeeting’s storage to Zoom’s administrative capabilities.

If you want to make up for what Zoom lacks in storage and attendance limitations, you’ll probably have to pay for some add-ons. However, you may discover that its free plan is sufficient for your needs.

Zoom offers five different bundle options:

  • Free
  • Pro: $149 per license per year
  • Business: $199.90 per license per year
  • Zoom United Business costs $300 per license per year.
  • Enterprise: $240 per license per year

Both the Free and Pro plans support up to 100 people; however, the Pro plan has a longer group meeting limit of 30 hours than the Free plan’s 40 minutes. Business increases the number of participants to 300 and adds advanced capabilities like single sign-on, recording, transcripts, and managed domains.

Many of the same capabilities are available in Zoom United Business in Zoom Pro. It does, however, offer additional phone capabilities from Zoom United Pro, such as unlimited calls to the US and Canada, automated call distribution, and a dial-by-name directory.

The Enterprise plan comes with a more significant minimum license requirement. Thus, you’re theoretically saving money. In addition, up to 500 participants, unlimited cloud storage, and a dedicated customer success manager are all included in this plan.

There are three GoToMeeting packages available:

  • Professional: $12 per month per organizer
  • Business: $16 per month per organizer
  • Enterprise: Individualized pricing

Professional allows you to have meetings with up to 150 people and has no meeting duration restrictions. Advanced capabilities like Call Me, single sign-on, and administration tools are also included.

You may have up to 250 attendees with the Business package, including unlimited cloud recording. Also, you may receive tools like transcription, meeting lock, and mobile cloud recording, so you can take your meetings with you wherever you go.

You may personalize your package and conduct meetings for up to 3,000 people with Enterprise. The Enterprise customer success manager, onboarding and training, and the volume discount are the key selling factors for this tier. The majority of the features are the same as the Business package.

If pricing is the only factor in your choice, GoToMeeting comes out on top. On the other hand, the two systems provide various capabilities in different bundles, and GoToMeeting does not have a free version. Therefore, we can’t tell which is best for your company based on price, therefore pick depending on your meeting requirements.

Zoom is an integration.

You can increase office efficiency by integrating your video conferencing platform with other workflow management solutions. For example, many of the same connections exist between Zoom and GoToMeeting, such as Slack, Salesforce, and Office 365. In addition, a Google Calendar plugin is also available for GoToMeeting.

However, Zoom wins the award for having the most integrations. Among the companies represented are Atlassian, Dropbox, Azure, and Okta. In addition, it includes more extensive integration capabilities and many add-ons to improve its speed and usefulness.

The only drawback is that the add-ons are expensive, with some costing $100 or more. Nonetheless, having a more significant number of connectors means you can accomplish more with Zoom and have more communication choices with your team.

While GoToMeeting offers a few workflow connections, Zoom stands out since virtually any company can use it. In addition, you won’t have to worry about it interfering with your current setup.

Zoom is used for meetings.

Zoom is a market leader in meeting software. Its user-friendly framework makes it so easy to use that most teams pick it up quickly, while GoToMeeting may take a bit longer to learn.

Zoom offers greater meeting security, while GoToMeeting provides some but not as comprehensive protection. Single sign-on, encrypted meetings, dismiss user features, and meeting locks are available on both platforms. When the host hasn’t yet arrived, Zoom also offers password-protected sessions.

Zoom offers additional capabilities that allow you to interact with people and even have some fun with backdrops and filters during meetings. However, if you don’t need anything extravagant, GoToMeeting’s crystal-clear video and audio, as well as more sophisticated capabilities available in lower-cost subscriptions, make it worth considering.

Zoom is a superior option for video conferencing because of its simplicity, added security, and more sophisticated capabilities.

Zoom in on the conversation.

You don’t always need to meet to discuss a project’s details. Zoom and GoToMeeting offer chat capabilities that you may utilize on your own or during meetings between participants for short conversation without hopping on a call.

You may interact with team members and external members such as suppliers and consumers on these platforms. Creating separate spaces for different groups within a team helps everyone stay organized. With a single click, you may go from conversation to video.

You can see who is accessible when you need them by setting statuses. You may also attach files to chat and search for messages to locate information quickly.

Zoom offers a bit more capability here, too, with highlighted channels, so you always know where your most essential conversations are. It also keeps track of your conversation history for up to 10 years.

Zoom is the phone system.

Zoom and GoToMeeting both offer cloud-based phone systems if you need phone service. They also offer different plans for different phone features. Those capabilities are featured in Zoom United Business in Zoom’s instance.

Video, HD audio, voicemail, and call recording are available on both platforms. Although GoToMeeting offers a broader range of phone options, both systems are compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. In addition, GoToMeeting offers lower phone plans, much as its video conferencing options.

Overall, Zoom provides a higher-quality service, particularly on mobile. However, the GoToMeeting mobile app may be slow at times, and it has been known to disconnect participants from calls.

Rooms for Meetings: Tie

With a single touch, you may join a meeting room. You don’t have to worry about scheduling your meeting or sharing displays with many people since you can share multiple computers in one space simultaneously.

GoToMeeting allows you to set up a conference room in 15 minutes, which is very handy. In addition, it works in a variety of room sizes, allowing you to accommodate big gatherings. You may also connect your room to the GoTo Admin Center.

Zoom allows you to join a meeting room using your current conference system, making easy connections. It also has a one-click wifi sharing feature and can accommodate up to 12 whiteboards per meeting. In addition, zoom makes your session safe with role-based management and additional protection.

In this situation, you should think about your priorities. Do you prefer convenience or a wide range of features? For example, GoToMeeting still enables you to work with many individuals simultaneously, but Zoom allows greater group sharing.

The Final Word

  • Advanced audio and video sharing
  • You may use any device to join meetings.
  • Meeting security is password-protected.
  • There are five different price options available.

Try it out for free.

When comparing the two video conferencing systems, Zoom comes out on top. Both offer many valuable features, but GoToMeeting has a few benefits over Zoom, such as limitless storage and better-calling choices.

Zoom outperforms the competition in general features and usability, including breakout rooms, filters, chat archives, and a more user-friendly UI. However, GoToMeeting may offer everything you need if you don’t require the bells and whistles, and its plans are less expensive than Zoom.

You’ll have more success with Zoom if you’re searching for a popular, easy-to-use platform. You’ll spend less time figuring it out and more time improving meeting productivity since it has a lower learning curve. Some things are dependent on your company requirements, so figure out what works best for you.

GoToMeeting is a video conferencing software that has been around for quite some time. Citrix created it in the late 1990s. On the other hand, Zoom is a much newer product released in 2009. WebEx is another option, but it is not as widely used.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is GoToMeeting different from Zoom?

GoToMeeting is a web conferencing service that allows you to connect with other people and share your screen. On the other hand, Zoom is a video conferencing service that will enable you to see and speak with others while they see and hear you.

Is there anything better than Zoom?

No, Zoom is the best.

Is Google meet better than Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing app used for calls and online meetings. Google meet is an instant messaging app that allows users to chat in real-time.