Tools to Grow Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet, and it’s a great way to promote your business or create an online presence. This article will teach you how to grow your channel with these 12 tools.

A tube buddy is a tool that allows users to grow their YouTube channel by uploading videos, finding subscribers, and more. The first networks that spring to mind when people think of social media are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While YouTube may not be your first idea, it should be one of your top priorities in the future. Your YouTube channel can help you boost sales with video content, whether you’re a company, an Internet celebrity, or a social influencer. In addition, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, behind only Google.

Every month, almost one billion users access the site. As a result, YouTube has an incredible quantity of material. Every minute, 100 hours of video are posted to YouTube. This platform has received more fabric in the last 60 days than the three main US networks have in the previous 60 years. You must be active on YouTube if you want to learn how to operate a successful video blog. However, the number of subscribers, traffic, and views on your videos determines the success of your YouTube channel. It doesn’t matter if you create the most excellent video content in the world if no one views it.

YouTube is one of my favorite platforms for repurposing material. Once uploaded, I share material from my YouTube channel on my website, blog articles, and social media channels. If you’re having trouble growing your YouTube channel, it’s likely because you’re not using any tools to assist you in creating better material. While the YouTube platform is helpful in and of itself, there are additional tools you can utilize to improve your content and make managing your profile simpler.

That was the spark for my article. I’ll walk you through the top 12 tools you’ll need to expand your YouTube channel. Let’s get started.

1. TubeBuddy

This application appeals to me since it is a free browser extension rather than software that must be downloaded and launched separately each time you wish to use it. TubeBuddy connects to YouTube automatically and helps you manage your channel. In addition, it enables you to conduct tests on your material to see how well it performs.

You may put the following to the test:

  • tags
  • titles
  • thumbnails
  • descriptions

The tool assists you in determining which ones are most effective for increasing your channel’s visibility and development. TubeBuddy’s scheduling function is another excellent feature. You have the option of deciding when your submitted videos will be released in the future. You may use the scheduling tool in both directions. Also, you may delete a video from particular playlists on the channel at a specific time and date without having to do it manually. TubeBuddy keeps track of your YouTube rankings and compares them to those of your competitors, both on YouTube and in Google searches. This plugin allows you to batch update videos. This is a fantastic choice if you have hundreds of videos and want to change all descriptions at once.

Consider using this tool to promote one of your videos in the description of all your other films. TubeBuddy may also help you enhance your thumbnail generation process.

It also has choices for all kinds of YouTube users:

  • creators
  • brands
  • agencies
  • networks

TubeBuddy has you covered no matter which category you fall into. In addition, this plugin allows you to connect with your YouTube followers on other social media platforms. It’s a proper all-in-one solution.

2. VidlQ

VidIQ appeals to me since it provides another method to measure and monitor your YouTube viewership statistics. Find out who is viewing your material and how long they have been watching it. Then you may make videos for that target demographic. Market to their specific need. You may receive comprehensive reports from videos to help you enhance your YouTube channel. SEO tools are also available on the platform. In addition, you may track down influencers, moderate comments, and compare your channel to others. Use the vidIQ Chrome plugin, which is available for free. You may use the add-on to view the most popular keywords and tags used by other channels—track keyword scores, views, and other search term data from a single location. With the vidIQ tool, you can monitor your interaction numbers on YouTube and Facebook.

3. Camtasia

Camtasia is a video editor and screen recorder. Screen recordings are an excellent method to improve the quality of your material. You’ll probably be explaining how to perform things on your computer a lot. However, you don’t want to use a camera or smartphone to capture your screen. It is inefficient and unprofessional in appearance. There will very certainly be a glare on the screen as well. Plus, they will have difficulty following your directions if you tell someone how to do something without demonstrating them. Camtasia is my preferred screen recording software.

You may mark up the movies, modify them, and apply effects once you’ve recorded your screen. Because you can record the movement of your mouse and display keystrokes, it’s perfect for anybody producing video lessons. Add comments and other annotations like highlights, arrows, and subtitles for those viewing your videos without sound. You may record yourself speaking while or after recording the screen using the voice narration function. Other audio effects are available in Camtasia and the ability to add music. It’s ideal for using YouTube to show off presentations and slideshows. There’s also a green screen option, animations, and interactive elements like quizzes with this application. In general, it’s something you should have in your YouTube toolbox. In addition, Camtasia is now available for download.

4. Blade of the Social

Another excellent alternative to explore is Social Blade. It appeals to me since it keeps track of various data across YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter. It may help you improve the effectiveness of your social media marketing approach. Keep track of your statistics or seek information about your rivals.

For example, on the Social Blade network, here are some basic statistics from my YouTube channel:

It displays my subscriptions, video views, and projected revenue by date, as you can see. That is just a tiny portion of what this tool has to offer. You may compare up to three channels at the same time. This will give you a good idea of how your channel compares to the competition. In addition, Social Blade includes a tool that detects whether YouTube creators are managed by agencies or belong to multi-channel networks. Use this data to see how other individuals make money with their accounts. This tool includes lessons for both new and experienced YouTube producers. You may also use their advisory services to assist your channel’s growth.

5. YouTube Studio

The official YouTube app for creators is YouTube Studio.


It’s a must-have tool for managing your channel on the road, and it’s a must-have for anybody who takes their channel seriously. You shouldn’t have to look for a computer every time you need to work on anything on your website, mainly if it’s time-sensitive. YouTube Studio gives you real-time statistics to track the success of your channel. In addition, you may reply to and filter comments. Receive updates for significant events through push notifications sent straight to your mobile devices. You can manage your monetization settings, thumbnails, scheduling, and other information directly from the app. You may use this tool to update your channel from anywhere.

6. Woobox

Woobox is the ideal tool for promoting your YouTube video on other channels, which I strongly suggest.

As I previously said, social media is an excellent platform for repurposing your video material. It’s a technique I use myself. Woobox allows you to create a Facebook tab with your YouTube videos. Your Facebook friends and admirers may now browse through your YouTube video and watch it straight from Facebook. They won’t be routed to another page if they do it this way. When your audience comes to this tab, choose a featured video to be the first thing they view. Woobox is a fantastic method to increase your subscription count. You’ll eventually be able to turn your social network following into paying clients. It’s possible that people aren’t visiting your YouTube channel regularly. However, there’s a high possibility they’re on Facebook. You may now share your material with a larger audience without relying on people to view your films on YouTube.

7. Bitly

You want to promote your content via as many marketing channels as possible, once again. You’ll need to add links to your YouTube channel and videos to accomplish this. However, these connections may be lengthy, clumsy, and unattractive at times.

That’s why I suggest shortening your URLs using Bitly:


This will aid in the organization of your descriptions. Bitly is excellent since it isn’t only for YouTube videos. You may use this tool to shorten any URL you’re promoting. Because you’re monitoring your leads using UTM parameters, I suggest utilizing it if you have lengthy links.

8. Pixlr

Thumbnails on YouTube aid in attracting viewers’ attention. The perfect thumbnail may help your article receive more clicks and views. Pixlr makes creating high-performing thumbnails a breeze.


This tool is also helpful for incorporating pictures into videos. You may enhance any image with layers and effects in Pixlr. This program comes with a plethora of photo-editing tools. It may also assist you with any other visual material requirements you may have outside of YouTube. They also offer web and mobile apps. So no matter what device you’re using, editing and uploading material are simple.

9. Insights from the Tubules

Tubular Insights, formerly known as ReelSEO, brings you to speed on the latest video marketing trends, ideas, and analyses. On this network, experts provide tips and guidance to assist marketers in creating video content. Tubular Insights keeps track of all video content across all devices and platforms. Then it categorizes these videos according to their popularity. Use this information to produce current and relevant videos for your target audience. Here you’ll discover excellent blog articles on a variety of YouTube-related subjects. There are even how-to instructions that are very simple to follow. In addition, you may look up successful YouTube producers and benefit from their experiences.

10. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool, as the name suggests, provides recommendations for YouTube keywords. You may use these keywords in your titles, tags, and descriptions. The best thing about Keyword Tool is that it also suggests long-tail keywords. It would be best to optimize your YouTube channel for search engines in the same way you optimized your website for search engines.

Keyword Tool can help you create suitable keywords for Google, Amazon, Bing, and other search engines in addition to YouTube. As a result, a better rating and more significant traffic to all of your channels will benefit you. To expand your reach, choose the nation you want to target. As I have said, making a fantastic video isn’t enough. You must have people view your material for it to be effective. In addition, you want to make sure that organic searches can find your movies. It is for this reason that you should utilize Keyword Tool.

11. Creator Academy

YouTube’s Creator Academy is a valuable resource. On YouTube, you’ll discover courses and tutorials that will teach you all you need to know about how to accomplish things. While you may filter them by genre and ability level, I strongly advise you to do so if you are new to YouTube channel management. This is an opportunity for you to learn the fundamentals of your channel, such as how to post, edit, and shoot videos. To make your life simpler, learn the best tips and techniques. In addition, Creator Academy teaches how to make money from your YouTube channel.

12. Hootsuite is a social media management tool.

Last but not least, there’s Hootsuite:


Some of you may be acquainted with Hootsuite, which provides various tools to aid in managing your social media marketing plan. It even made it into my list of top time-saving social media marketing tools. It includes a function that allows you to manage your YouTube channel. Directly from the site, schedule YouTube videos to your other social media accounts.

Hootsuite also makes it simple to collaborate on YouTube content improvement with your team. Assign responsibilities to your staff. You won’t have to share your YouTube account details or passwords with anybody. On the Hootsuite platform, you may have several logins. Hootsuite will monitor your engagement numbers, much like some other apps on my list. It produces reports that assist you in determining what needs to be improved and what should be continued. You may use its mobile app to access all of these functions from your smartphone or tablet. It’s yet another method to keep track of your YouTube channel while on the move.


Your channel will not be successful if you post videos to YouTube without rhyme or purpose. However, those of you who are ready to take your video marketing plan to the next level and expand your YouTube channel will need to use tools to achieve your objectives. Everyone will find something useful in the means listed above. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a marketer, an influencer, an Internet celebrity, or a part of an agency team. These tools will help you improve your content.

The tools on this list will help you control the way your material is disseminated, in addition to enhancing the videos you post. Use social media to share your videos. Make sure the titles, tags, and descriptions are search engine friendly. You don’t have to utilize all of these tools right once, but I suggest including them in your YouTube development plan over time. What tools do you use to help you expand your YouTube channel? There are 12 tools that you can use to grow your YouTube channel. These tools range from analytics to video creation and social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do you need to have a YouTube channel?

A camera, a computer with internet access, and a microphone.

How can I grow my YouTube channel very fast?

There are a few ways you can grow your YouTube channel quickly. One way is to make videos on specific topics people seem interested in. Another way is to make videos about what you love and talk about it a lot.

How do YouTubers grow their channel?

YouTube is a platform that brings people together, and there are many different ways to grow your channel. One way would be to focus on quality content over quantity. Another way would be to work with the YouTube algorithm, which can help you gain more subscribers and views.

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