How To Increase Your YouTube Subscribers?

YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally, and it is no wonder that marketers are pouring money into this platform. However, there are many ways to increase your subscribers and views on YouTube without spending a lot of money.

The how-to get subscribers on a fast youtube hack list of 13 ways you can use to increase your YouTube subscribers.


A total of one billion hours of video have been recorded. This equates to 46,000 years of material each year. Another fascinating aspect of YouTube is the amount of time people spend there. The typical YouTube session lasts 40 minutes, believe it or not. The amount of time individuals spend on Instagram and Twitter pales in comparison. What a great way to get people involved!

This is a massive potential for content marketers. However, creating a YouTube account, producing some videos, and posting them isn’t enough to attract others to subscribe to and follow you. You’ll need some hard-hitting tactics to pull folks in and persuade them that you are someone to keep an eye on. So allow me to show you 13 methods for increasing your YouTube subscriber count and improving your YouTube brand right now.

1. Keep an eye on your “attention score.”

“Another thing that You cannot replace is excellent storytelling,” says YouTube CEO Bing Chen. So we strongly advise you to check your attention score in your dashboard.” What is your precise attention score? This tells you how much people pay attention to your films and how long they view them. You’re doing very well if your score is a solid red. However, if it is falling off in a specific place, you may want to make a change. For example, YouTube material is divided into entertainment and information. People are drawn in by excellent headlines or intriguing thumbnails in entertainment videos, so attention is impressive at first but fades down as the video progresses.

Here are some characteristics of a highly engaging video:

  • The 5-second rule — A fantastic, exciting video must capture people’s attention in the first five seconds. After that, you may ask yourself questions or place yourself in a strange position. Don’t forget about the war. People must experience a sense of anticipation right away.
  • Storytelling is crucial, according to Bing Chen. Learn how to tell a good narrative so that viewers will stick with you for the length of the video. You may accomplish this via gimmick or conflict.
  • Short – Entertaining Videos cannot be too lengthy. It’s best to keep it between one and three minutes. This is when your attention score comes into play. Where are people abandoning ships? Is it the limit of your attention span?

The instructive video is the other kind of video. This is where you’ll find tutorials, how-tos, and DIY videos. The problem with these films is that they will have the polar opposite of an engaging video regarding attention ratings.

  • The traffic drops off quickly. Thus the early attention score is poor. People make snap decisions about whether or not they will learn what they desire from a video.
  • The late attention score is high — viewers who remain beyond the two- or three-minute mark are more likely to watch the whole film.
  • Steps — Informative films that are well-made entice viewers by providing them with step-by-step instructions for completing a job. Indeed, individuals may choose to stop the movie and take notes or complete the job. For example, consider how you would learn to fold a paper aircraft or repair a sink.
  • Length – It doesn’t matter how long your educational video is as long as it provides them with the information they need.

2. Make use of annotations

YouTube annotations are notes that you may add to your videos. In addition, you may utilize them to help you grow your audience by using the following strategies:

  • Create a sticky note urging viewers to subscribe to your channel as a call to action.
  • Spotlight annotation – You may use this to make a clickable annotation on the video. Bring visitors to a landing page or a product page.
  • Annotations will also enable you to connect to other videos relevant to the one you’re watching (whether they are yours or not).

You have complete control over the placement of the annotations on the video. You also have control over when they emerge and go. These are shown on your video whenever it is played, but the spectator may turn them off by going to the video player’s menu panel.

3. Stages for making an excellent video.

A successful video requires a lot of preparation. So let’s take a look at five aspects of effective video planning:

  1. Keyword research — Without keyword research, you won’t receive any traffic, much alone high-quality visitors. Google’s keyword tool will show you what’s trending and where the most traffic is coming from. It would help if you avoided Long-tail keywords.
  2. Grab the transcript once you’ve finished recording the video and post it to YouTube, which will provide extra context for Google to index it and additional words to aid searchers.
  3. Work your social networks via social media engagement. For example, share the video on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ two or three times each week. The more shares your video receives, the higher it will rank in the search results.
  4. Your Blog – Embed the video on your site after approximately a week. After then, you may repeat the procedure of sharing it.

So there you have it: the fundamentals of making and distributing an excellent video. Next, let’s look at some more options for sharing it.

4. Include a YouTube widget on your website.

If your blog has a lot of traffic, you may use a widget to direct people to your videos. The following are the steps you must take:

  1. Embed your videos on your blog – This will keep all the visitors interested in the site rather than diverting them away from it. Your viewers are more likely to get distracted by other videos if they view your video on YouTube.
  2. Use the Subscription Widget to encourage your blog readers to subscribe to your YouTube channel from the sidebar. It’s not difficult to set up.
  3. Graphics for call-to-action – You may even add two pictures for call-to-action that will appear while the video is playing (similar to the image above). The “Click Here to Subscribe” button will send your visitor to a confirmation page, while the “Click Here to Watch More of Me” button will direct them to more videos. Again, you have complete control over the content of these communications.

5. Include highlighted channels in the mix.

You may also expand your audience by collaborating with other YouTube video producers. You may find this option on the page of your YouTube channel.

It’s a simple process. On your YouTube channel:

  • Save modifications by going to Modules > Other channels > Save changes. (Other Features will now be accessible on your track.)
  • Save after adding a channel or channels.

Choose content producers familiar with your business and who you believe would benefit your audience. Then, add additional related YouTube video producers to the “Featured Channels” feature after you’ve discovered them. You’ll eventually receive attention from other YouTube producers since you’ll be chosen as a “Featured Channel.”

6. Make customized videos

Did you know that in addition to the original “Smell Like a Man” film, Old Spice produced over 162 two-minute videos? Those films took more than two days to shoot, but the most crucial aspect was tailored to celebrities like Kevin Rose, Demi Moore, and Alyssa Milano.

The problem is, recording each video takes approximately seven minutes. The takeaway is that high-quality videos are simple to make. And the list of items you’ll need isn’t long. Take a look:

  • Lighting – Cowboy Studio sells a set of $200 lamps that provide excellent natural lighting.
  • Camera – You may use your laptop camera or even your phone for this.
  • Microphone — For $100, you can get an excellent USB microphone.

7. Embrace inquisitiveness.

Bing Chen also said that community involvement was significant in establishing a strong YouTube brand and audience.

This isn’t just about responding to comments, however. It’s a lot more than that. Allow me to demonstrate:

  • Pose inquiries – Look into the lives of the people who have left comments on your blog. Inquire about why they like the videos and what kind of material they would want to see in the future.
  • Embrace other YouTubers – It just takes 15 minutes a day to view a few other creators’ videos, like them, and comment on them. Consider subscribing to a few more high-quality films as well. Also, similar to #followFriday on Twitter, try making videos in which you highlight three or four outstanding YouTubers you believe your audience should follow.
  • Encourage video responses — Invite individuals to submit video responses when soliciting ideas for future videos. Don’t stop there, however. Instead, use your brand to compel people to respond. Michael Buckley, for example, invites readers to submit queries, but they must begin with “Dear Buck,” which promotes his brand.

The golden guideline of community involvement is to give and receive!

8. Come up with a novel perspective.

Epic Rap Battles of History is one of the most popular channels of all time (ERB).

They’ve hosted rap fights ranging from Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates. It’s very amusing. ERB has a considerable fan base and has nailed it. As of mid-2017, they had well over 14 million members. I’m not suggesting you have to be as creative as ERB, but you need a distinct perspective. To choose an angle, you must first determine your target audience. What sort of material would they be interested in? Would they use wit and sarcasm? Many of the major networks use comedy to some degree. YouTube is also a site where people openly embrace their strangeness, so being a bit out there is usually ok.

Should you be professional and take a more educational approach? It all depends on who you’re talking to and what their aggregate tastes are. I suggest doing some thinking to come up with a basic strategy. Of course, this will develop naturally over time, but you’ll need to create a core personality that sticks out. Also, bear in mind that most YouTube users do so for one of two reasons. They want to be amused or educated, or both in certain instances. So from the beginning, make sure you have a goal and a clear concept of where you want to go.

9. Make a fantastic “home video.”

When most YouTube viewers discover a business or channel, they follow a specific route. First, they’ll start by watching a single video. Then, they’ll watch it, and if they like it enough, they’ll click on the link to your home profile to discover more about you. Finally, there will be an automated playback of your home footage.

In terms of getting subscribers, this will either make or destroy you. Either they’ll be forced to subscribe to your channel, or they’ll go on. As a result, you must dominate the competition with your home video. It must, in particular, convey the essence of your brand and channel. There are a few approaches to this.

You could do the following:

  • Make a video just for your homepage describing your channel and telling visitors what to anticipate.
  • one of your best videos that encapsulates your brand/essence channel’s
  • make a collection of the best moments from prior videos

Whatever strategy you use, be sure you connect the dots for new visitors, so they know what to anticipate if they subscribe.

10. Use the About section.

Every YouTube channel includes a section called “About” that describes the channel’s idea. Many new visitors will look here to learn more about you. The information you provide in this area will impact whether they opt to subscribe or not. Don’t fill up this area hastily or carelessly. You’ll want to go through the specifics and bring out any issues that prospective subscribers should know.

Fine Brothers Entertainment is an excellent example of a rock-solid About section: It’s worth noting that it includes a clear, concise explanation as well as the publishing timetable.

Another excellent example comes from one of the most prominent music review channels, The Needle Drop: This is another chance to establish a consistent brand identity and spark people attention who are unfamiliar with you. Finally, don’t forget to read the About section.

11. Establish a pattern of behavior.

“It takes five to seven impressions for a brand to stick in someone’s mind.” Maintaining consistency throughout your channels is critical to making your brand recognized and remembered. There are two major approaches to this. Your track should, first and foremost, have recurrent personalities and themes. You want to get to know your audience to develop relationships with them over time.

Second, you should try to maintain a regular publishing schedule. It would help if you offered your audience a general sense of when new material will be available to keep them interested and engaged. I know I become irritated and lose interest in channels that go dark unexpectedly. Uploading at least one new video each week is usually considered excellent practice. Two or three videos, on the other hand, are much better. The one to three video mark is generally perfect for me. It’s the ideal spot for keeping subscribers engaged without overburdening them with information. An article from Tube Filter provides some excellent tips on the optimum time to publish.

These are the ideal hours to upload a video each day, according to their research:


There’s also evidence that viewing starts to increase on Thursday and peaks on Saturday.


When you think about it, this makes logic. Unlike most other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where you may casually browse through your feed with no time commitment, YouTube demands a more substantial commitment, with users often viewing material in longer chunks. As a result, the weekend is the best time to watch. Plus, most individuals can sneakily check their social media accounts at work, but YouTube is more complicated. Typically, they’ll have to wait till they’re off work to enjoy themselves. When planning your video publishing schedule, keep this in mind.

12. Include live video in your repertoire.

On YouTube, live broadcasting is a relatively new idea. However, it’s catching on like wildfire. “YouTube Live video views rose by 80%, and live streams increased by 130 percent between 2015 and 2016,” according to Mediakix.

And here’s the deal with live video:

First, it’s ideal for establishing a company’s brand. Viewers have a sense of intimacy with companies when they watch live streaming. It has an intimate feel about it. You may even react to questions and comments in real-time, allowing you to engage with your audience in ways that no other media allows. According to Livestream’s research, Brand audiences prefer live video over social posts: 80% prefer live video from a brand to reading a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social postings. If you haven’t done so before, this is something you should do. There is, however, one condition. To be eligible for live video, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers. However, compared to the minimal amount of 10,000 in 2017, this number has decreased significantly.

13. Collaborate with YouTubers who are relevant.

What is one of the fastest methods to increase the visibility of your blog/website and attract more visitors? Guest posting, in a nutshell. Collaborating with other great YouTubers is essentially the same as guest-posting through video, which may significantly improve your brand. This approach has worked for me. For example, consider the time I featured on Tai Lopez’s YouTube channel.

Over 275,000 people watched that one video:


I strongly advise reaching out to relevant YouTubers in your field if you want to accelerate the development of your YouTube brand. It’s effortless. On a person’s About page, look for their contact details and select “Send message:” Introduce yourself, tell them how much you like their channel, and tell them about your collaborative video idea. You don’t even have to conduct the video face to face—you may capture footage and communicate remotely through FaceTime, Skype, and other similar services. In this manner, you may rapidly build your following by using someone else’s subscription list.


As a brand-building platform, YouTube is difficult to surpass. The combination of a large built-in audience and the intimacy of video is the ideal formula for developing your brand from the bottom up. You may not only grow an audience, but you can also create a distinct, successful brand that your rivals won’t be able to duplicate. Consistency is the true secret to building your YouTube following. All top YouTubers have one thing in common: they stick to a plan and produce high-quality, genuine videos on that timetable. In a short of days or weeks, some people became renowned. Others have had to wait months or even years. They all persevered, though, and ultimately triumphed.

So, go out there, make some videos, track your progress, and expand your following. If you need some additional motivation, I’ve developed an infographic that outlines what you need to do to boost your YouTube interaction by 374 percent. Do you want more visitors to your website? Improve your traffic, leads, and income with the assistance of a professional. Get started now. The how to get subscribers on youtube for free is a guide that provides 13 different ways to increase your YouTube subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the trick to increase subscribers on YouTube?

The trick to increasing your subscribers on YouTube is to create an entertaining and informative video. It will be easy for people to subscribe to your channel if you do this.

How do you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a day?

It is not possible to get 1000 subscribers in a day.