Social Media Marketing

Ingenious SEM has many years of experience in moving the wheels of modern marketing in a strategic method sure to attract attention and whopping amounts of online traffic to your business site. It is safe to say that there is no other marketing strategist out there that can bring you the results we deliver at such a reasonable price.


By attracting a mass of eager followers who will become loyal visitors we help businesses market their goods or services to a much larger range of clients. Even businesses that base their model around ad revenue can use effective strategies to make their endeavors more gradually profitable.       


The Strategies of our Tried and Proven Approach:


Strategy #1: Facebook

With numbers of active users rocketing over 500 million Facebook is largest online advertising network in existence. Over half of these users will log on to their accounts and spend up to 55 minutes online daily. Facebook users will use the internet more than any other casual internet user.

Over 250 million people connect with Facebook from other online sites. More than 200 million of these Facebook users will be logging in to their accounts from convenient mobile devices. Ingenious SEM can help you take advantage of this marketing dream. We will improve you Fan page on Face book and show you ways to attract your target Facebook audience this will help you to build a solid base of loyal fans and a source of potential customers.

Strategy #2 Twitter

In the ranks of most popular social networks and their services we find Twitter. With well over 107 million registered users Twitter has brought new horizons of target audiences to many important companies who now focus their advertising schemes from radio and television to the internet.

The cost of advertising media to reach masses of this sort would have cost a fortune in the not so distant past with Twitter it will cost you less than pocket change to accomplish the same. Ingenious SEM will set up your own corner of this advertising gold mine.   

Strategy #3: YouTube

Want to take a guess at what the second largest search engine might be? ComScore rated YouTube as no. 2 with more than twice as many searches as Yahoo and 180% more than Bing. YouTube will have 12 billion views a month from over 300 million visitors. On average each human being alive will spend 15 minutes a day surfing you tube for the videos they like. On Facebook over 46 years’ worth of video footage is watched every day.

It would be foolish to neglect this valuable advertising medium which is why Ingenious SEM can help you to set up a YouTube channel that will specifically match your business to a desired YouTube demographic. In addition to this we will also add weight to your videos advertising worth by adding to it organic listings from Google.     

Strategy #4: Mobile Marketing

According to a recent survey conducted by the U.S. wireless industry, 91% of all Americans own a mobile phone.  20% of these mobile phones-owned by about 50 million people- are “smart phones” which means they have Internet browsing and messaging technology. The numbers of cellphone carrying citizens is expected to increase by 20% every 3 months.

This goes to show how serious minded businesses must take full advantage of marketing strategies targeted at mobile devices so as to not miss out on this large portion of intelligent consumers.  Our Mobile Marketing Strategies work with our other featured strategies to create a powerful marketing front.   

Strategy #5: Local Search Marketing

A large portion of online activities (73%) are categorized as “related to local content”. Almost all Internet surfers in the U.S. (97%), for example, will access shopping information online and almost half of that portion will identify their activities as “Shop online and Purchase offline”. Most online searchers (70%) will search for offline businesses.

Ingenious SEM knows that being at the top of Google Maps listings while also connected to organic videos and locally oriented wordpress blog make a wining trifecta that will put your business in the local spotlight. Our professionals will show you just how this is accomplished.  

Strategy #6: LinkedIn

The basis for any advertising on social networks like Facebook Twitter and even search engines like YouTube are all entertainment oriented. LinkedIn however, is a network for the serious business person. LinkedIn has a client list comprised of each of the Fortune 500 members. And the numbers of LinkedIn visitors is on the rise in a big way.   

U.S. users comprise the larger part of LinkedIn members. Here you will find a higher concentration of middle aged men with no children and a higher academic and income level than the internet average.

As you can see for yourself from the above mentioned statistics, aggressive online marketing is not just a good idea it’s the only way a serious business can go. The choice comes down to partner up with Ingenious SEM and see how they can help take your venture to a place of marketing power or try your best to catch up with the rest when you can.

One of the big problems businesses who are just getting started online face is that they are not sure what to do and in which order. There are so  many different routes that a business can take and it is hard to know which way will bring the best ROI. This is why the experts at Ingenious SEM will work with you to create a custom strategy to meet your specific needs. They will organize the resources you may not even know are available to you into the most cost effective business plan without demanding your focus as a business owner. So you can get back to your area of expertise: running your business as you see fit.

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