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Ingenious SEM is a boutique online marketing agency based in Brooklyn, NY and serving all boroughs of NYC as well as the rest of USA. We can help ensure your website beats your competitors' websites in any keyword search by employing effective search engine optimization techniques.

Organic search engine optimization is vital. Many businesses pay for search engine results, thinking that will give them an advantage. This just demonstrates how little they understand about organic SEO methods. One of the best things about organic SEO is that it doesn't cost a penny. The cost of organic SEO lies more in the initial expenditure of time and effort to learn how to do it effectively. It takes an understanding of how these search engines work before you can expect to master the skill of having your relevant keywords consistently show up on the first page of search engine results. The trick to this is having quality content on your website. It should be reliable and engaging enough for readers to want to share on other sites.

As more people and businesses look to the Internet to promote their products or services using SEO techniques, we are seeing an astounding increase in websites, including social media sites, and these sites will only grow more in near future. The key to advancing the credibility of your site is getting others to share it. This is done by getting +1 ratings on Google Plus or through others sharing an article or picture on other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or even Pinterest. This indicates to Google your website has valuable and relevant content; in fact, the more high ratings or pins shared, the higher Google rates your website in search engines as worthy of higher visibility.

This does not happen by posting junk or poorly written, unreliable material! People are most likely to share your material if they find it relevant and interesting -- in other words, share-worthy. A good blog is one way of accomplishing this goal. If your blog contains pictures or graphics that are of high quality, Pinterest can be another invaluable venue for sharing your material. Ingenious SEM will make sure that your content is of highest quality and we will make sure that it is distributed to the most relevant distribution channels.

But beyond quality content, your web page must pass the muster with Google's many (200+) other factors making up its unique algorithm for finding a web page worthy of first page exposure. This unique algorithm is a highly protected secret and the factors that go to determining rankings are known to few people -- you might say it’s on a need-to-know basis. However, below are some of the known factors for high SEO ranking:

  • High Quality External Links
  • Descriptive Page Titles
  • Descriptive Meta Page Descriptions
  • Relevant High Quality Page Content (keyword usage)
  • Authorship
  • Structured Data & Rich Snippets
  • Social Signals

Organic search engine optimization takes time to do correctly. It's heartening to know that results can be attained in as little as three months when an effective organic SEO strategy is employed. Realistically, however, look to twelve to eighteen months for long-term results. In fact, anyone claiming to be an SEO strategist who promises faster results should be viewed as suspect. Google and other search engines actually watch for such suspicious results as indicating a possible spammer and "dings" them accordingly. After that it is an uphill battle trying to reclaim your credibility.

As with most worthwhile endeavors, there are no shortcuts to success. Just like a weight-loss regiment or preparing for a marathon, success using organic SEO takes time. Cheating or shortcuts are not going to help you win the race and get the reward!

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